(Updated 2024)

Greater Holland Supports Nancy


Former Ambassador and Congressman Pete Hoekstra

“I am proud to endorse Nancy De Boer for State Representative. De Boer’s commitment to public service and the greater Holland area is second to none.

She’s a proven leader who will represent the values that have built the greater Holland area into an amazing place to raise a family and develop a business.

Her background as a Mayor and educator will allow her to be a leading voice on: education, protecting life, and fiscal responsibility. She understands people and has a record of how to get things done”


Rep. Mary Whiteford | State Representative for the 80th District in Allegan County

I have known Nancy for close to a decade. She is always kind, honest, and straightforward while always looking at the big picture.  As Holland’s mayor, she has brought with her these qualities and truly cares for her community. She collaborates with others in the community and state. She knows that every decision impacts our children’s future. Nancy has a proven track record as Holland’s mayor, and I fully support her election to the MI State House of Representatives.

Senator Roger Victory | Michigan Senator, 30th District, Ottawa County

Nancy DeBoer has proven herself to be one of the most dedicated and accessible public servants in West Michigan. Nancy has developed real and lasting solutions to meet the city’s housing demands and has been a strong advocate for the protections and improvements for Holland’s waterways. Her hard work and dedication has set the stage for Holland to become a central hub and cultural leader for all of West Michigan. Nancy is continuously striving to improve the lives of the people she serves. She has effectively balanced meeting the immediate demands and needs of the people of Holland, while setting up a strong foundation for a dynamic and exciting future for the City. Nancy DeBoer has my full support and endorsement for her election to the state House of Representatives.


Rep. Brad Slagh | 90th District Representative, Ottawa County

I have always appreciated her willingness to roll up her sleeves and get to work, along with her passion for building community in every sense of that term. She has a heart that truly cares for the people of our community. Her experience means that she understands the issues and knows how to seek creative ways to solve problems. 

Senator Aric Nesbitt | Michigan Senator, 26th District, Holland’s Allegan County

Nancy De Boer is a proven conservative leader who understands what it means to fight for our shared West Michigan values. Her commitment to serving the community both as a Mayor and an educator is what we need in our next state Representative. She will bring common-sense conservative solutions to Lansing.


Mayor Kevin Klynstra | Mayor of Zeeland

I have served on several committees with Mayor DeBoer over the last several years. I have found her to be a dedicated person who always has the best interest of Holland. Nancy is someone with high moral fiber, a person that you can trust.


Mayor Geri McCaleb | Former Mayor of Grand Haven, MI

She is a person of honor and integrity who has proven herself as a leader. Completing projects like the remodel of beautiful new Holland Civic Center and the Holland Energy Park, don’t just happen by accident, they happen because competent leadership brings people together to work to a common goal for the betterment of the entire community.  


Mayor Michael Tubbs | Former Mayor of Stockton, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor DeBoer at the Mayor’s Institute for City Design. As the Mayor of Stockton, California, I appreciated Mayor DeBoer’s vision and insight. Over the course of the institute, she demonstrated why the city of Holland is lucky to have her. She’s thoughtful, visionary, and in love with the potential of her city. I also appreciated her style. Being a leader is not always about being the loudest, but more often is about being the best listener.


Holland Neighbors

Hunter Ihrman | Park Township Resident

My family has been in West Michigan for generations. My grandfather was Superintendent of Holland Public Schools, my father taught for over 20 years at Grand Valley State University, and I took my first college classes at Hope College. I care about our community and Nancy DeBoer does too. As Holland’s Mayor, Nancy was an advocate for all of West Michigan and I know she will represent us proudly in Lansing.  

Dawn and Leader Dog Lady Rudolph 

I have known Nancy DeBoer for 30 years, she loves the city of Holland, and wants the best for this area. It was her work as Mayor to add the new development of Civic Center, downtown theatre, HopCat restaurant, and she was interviewed by The Weather Channel about our heated sidewalks, she is a great friend and leader!!! 

Joe and Rose Dally | Retired

Nancy De Boer has worked tirelessly to keep Holland on track with the Civic Center, housing, and connecting local future employees to business. The Council is connecting with Ottawa County’s new Diversity and Inclusion Office to begin training as one of its first municipalities.  They are also strongly pursuing regional partnerships wherever possible and strategic for all. 

Dawn DuBois 

Nancy is a warm and inviting person who listens and is willing to make changes for our city. She has committed herself to work hard and continue with the goals that she wants to instill in our community. I highly endorse her.

Bob Swierenga | Van Raalte Institute Research Professor, Hope College

I have known Nancy De Boer for many years and have found her to be a person of high integrity, who is totally dedicated to serving the residents of Holland and environs. She brought the Civic Center project to completion and will do the same for waterfront development and other needs.

Landis and Judie Zylman | Retired Dentist and former director of Hospice of Holland

She is a servant leader; She has a passion for the best for our community; She is dedicated to her faith, her family, her friends and her neighbors; She serves with compassion, integrity and dignity; She brings a woman’s point of view to the Council’s discussions; She has 10 years of experience as our councilwoman and 4 as our honorable Mayor, which gives; her the wisdom needed to strengthen our unique and treasured City of Holland.

Nick and Barb Weeber | Retired Lifelong resident and Public Educator

As lifelong residents of this beautiful City of Holland, it has been our privilege to have grown up in a city that has had and presently has sensible and insightful leadership. As we approach another opportunity to select the next 2 years of vital leadership in our growing and vibrant city, please consider voting for Nancy DeBoer. Having watched her life of consistent service and integrity, her character, passion, and commitment continue to provide both established and new opportunities for our Holland community. We continue to be a city of definition in development and business with opportunities for all. We live in a community that is both progressive and yet welcoming…so grateful we have someone who has one foot in the past and the other stepping into the future. Nancy is not done. While she is up to the task of our current challenges, those that are on the horizon will be met with the same consistent integrity and service.

Ron Chavez | Retired

Nancy has our vote. We believe in Greater Holland’s future with Nancy De Boer!

Rachael Cox | Homemaker and mother of 3 under 5!

I am impressed with how Nancy De Boer, as “Mayoress”, has played an important roll in the development changes around the city of Holland. Holland was an already, very impressive place to live, but the new builds of houses and condominiums, civic centers and restaurants are making Holland a place where history and traditions meet trendy and sleek. Everywhere you turn in downtown Holland, and the neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area is changing for the better. And where I thought there could be no more room for development and change for the better, Nancy and her team had a different vision and made it happen. Nancy and the creative, hard-working people around her, are improving the city of Holland and making it a place where there are more than just the tulips to be impressed by. 

Tom and Vanna Buursma | Retired Teacher HCHS

Nancy has been a very effective mayor and cares deeply about Holland and its future growth. She is a person of integrity who has and will provide great leadership to Holland.


Business Leaders

Wade Gugino | Husband, Father, Downtown Holland Business Owner

I have known Nancy for about ten years now. She’s funny and thoughtful and energetic and a good friend. I knew her long before she was Mayor. She was everywhere helping everyone. I have always been impressed by her attitude of service, her willingness to listen to all sides of a situation and seek solutions that benefit everyone, and her consistency and loyalty to see projects through to the end. Nancy’s heart is for a strong Holland and I appreciate that. And when I look around Holland today, I see a community that is thriving and growing in good ways. No town is perfect and there’s plenty of work to be done here, but Nancy’s terms as mayor have built on and expanded a strong framework laid down by previous mayors and councils in a way that will keep Holland’s community growing, opportunities flowing and businesses thriving. Her team did a great job with the Civic Center…I look forward to seeing their work on the new Waterfront Development project.

Kevin Foster | Managing Partner, Capital for Compassion

Nancy De Boer has been very engaged in creative problem-solving when it comes to developing more housing for Holland.  We have been involved in numerous intricate discussions about how to best serve people’s housing needs in a healthy, intergenerational, economic spectrum, and multi-structured way.  Providing Housing is not only about buildings.  Nancy realizes that each family needs to feel like they belong and that thy have strengths to share with their neighborhood.  Holland is a strong community that comes together to solve problems.  Nancy is committed to producing solutions via multiple partners that could be pilot projects to inspire other communities looking for answers.

John Kruithoff | Retired Chief of Police, City of Holland

She has demonstrated excellent professional and personal character and competency in her role as Mayor. I have personally worked with Nancy and know she deeply cares for our city and residents and will continue to work hard to make Holland the place people will want to live and visit.

Rev. Emmett Brown | Teaching Assistant at Western Theological Seminary

Nancy DeBoer is committed to helping the city of Holland be the best that it can be.  Nancy DeBoer really has a heart for the people of the city of Holland and is willing to do the hard work to do what is needed for the good of as many as possible.  

Warren Westenbroek | Realtor at Five Star Lakeshore

My Name is Warren Westenbroek, I have lived in The Greater Holland Area for 58 wonderful years. In years past we have had some really competent Mayors. I have had the privilege to have known Nancy Deboer for many years, and I have to tell everyone she is truly One of a Kind. Nancy has such a high level of Character, Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom, and Humility we are truly Blessed to have her as our current Mayor. Her passion for Holland is beyond words, and is very evident in her accomplishments and her vision. Holland is truly a better place today, and one of the main reasons is because of Nancy Deboer’s work as mayor. As far as the future, please consider voting for Nancy, allow her passion for Holland to continue. I Know her heart is “ MAY ALL WHO COME BEHIND US FIND US FAITHFUL” and please let me tell you she has been “Faithful”.

Marcia Bishop | Former Superintendent of Holland Public Schools 

The Civic Center will be your legacy. You wouldn’t accept “no.” You were determined that the Civic Center project was going to finish well.

John Grooters | Director, Grooter Productions

Nancy DeBoer has served as our mayor with a notable blend of wisdom and graciousness.  We are lucky to have her.

Ken Filippini | President, Legacy Business Strategies

Nancy DeBoer is a competent and effective leader. She has brought strategic leadership to the City and the results speak for themselves. She has been a strong voice for change and growth, and she has a clear vision for the future.

Joe Castaneda | Chevron Corporation (Retired)

I believe Nancy’s success as mayor is due to her Christ-given gifts. She has a caring and listening heart for all who live in the city.

Dave Brandsen | Managing Partner, Stillwater Investment

I have served with Nancy Deboer for 15 years on a non profit board and have seen her first hand on being a  positive leader and an inspiration to us as board members she seems to never get discouraged and is always ready to lead for another day, her integrity and character are at the highest level, I have witnessed her leading the city of Holland with the same leadership.

Rev. Scott Van Oosterndorp | Area Pastor and Member of Hope College Board of Trustees

Nancy’s compassion is authentic and transformative I appreciate Nancy’s ability to think deeply and discern implications regarding decisions. Nancy possesses a genuine desire to see Holland become all that it can be. Nancy’s leadership has helped produce a community that is the envy of many. Nancy evidences a confident and inclusive leadership style because she is secure in who she is and whose she is.

Peter De Haan | Retired Pastor

Nancy cares for everyone.  She has done whatever she can  for most everyone who asks her help. She had poise, a positive attitude, and a caring heart.  

Brian & Marge DeYoung | Brower Siding  and Awning

We have been business owners in Holland for the past 43 years and have seen many great leaders come and go, Nancy stands at the top of that list as we have watched her navigate many important areas of our community, both on the City Council and during her terms as Mayor. Nancy works on behalf of the citizens of Holland and seeks to make this city a wonderful place for all residents. Nancy is led by her caring heart and a strong moral compass, striving to do the right thing for all people.  We couldn’t ask for a better person to lead into the future. 

Mark Kuyper | CEO Nuvar, Manufacturing

Nancy is a trustworthy, proven leader who has demonstrated passion, and a great track record for doing what is best for all Holland residents. Her tenacity in bringing about the Civic Center was an outstanding balance of consensus-building and leadership. Nancy has effectively used her experience as a councilperson and as mayor to bring about positive change in Holland. 

Jim and Linda Schippers | Lighthouse Insurance Group

Linda and I are proud to endorse the re-election of Mayor Nancy De Boer in this coming election. We have known Nancy for many years and have seen her compassionate heart, principled persistence, and strong work ethic for all of Holland.  She represents what everyone in Holland should be.  As Mayor she has done that. We know that Nancy has continually and quietly worked with area non-profits, prospective investors, and individual residents in every neighborhood with positive results.  She strengthens the numerous shared visions of so many in our city. We do not believe Nancy maneuvers herself to be the center of attention, instead she chooses to encourage and praise the work of others in working towards keeping a unified vision for the area. 

Darlene De Witt | Senior Business Development Exec., Consumers National Bank

“I’ve known Nancy for quite some time now and feel she is the best person to lead our community through the many areas of growth and modernization.  All this is apparent by the many new people who would like to call Holland their home or bring their business to our area!  Her faithful leadership and commitment to our community has inspired continual development of our downtown area that includes the beautifully renovated Civic Center and Farmers Market area.  I am so proud to call Holland my home and will support Nancy’s continued vision for our community”.


Vote for Nancy DeBoer for state representative

Nancy DeBoer is clearly the superior Republican candidate to represent the greater Holland area in Lansing. From city council member to mayor, Nancy has worked to make Holland a better place to live and work for all its residents.

This fact is recognized by the many endorsements she has received from organizations and individuals both locally and across the state. The following list is a sample of those endorsements.

Because of her strong commitment to public safety: Police Officers Association of Michigan; Holland Police Officers Association; Ottawa County Sheriff; Allegan County Sheriff.

Because of her strong commitment to agriculture: Michigan Farm Bureau; Friends of Corn.

Because of her strong commitment to stability and growth of business: Michigan Chamber of Commerce; Michigan Manufacturers Association; Association of Builders & Contractors; Michigan Health Choice Alliance; Jay Wortley, recent chief economist for Michigan Treasury Department.

Because of her strong commitment to traditional values: Right to Life of Michigan; Citizens for Traditional Values; Bernadette Ellis Smith, MIGOP Ethnic Vice Chair.

Because of her proven track record of accomplishment in Holland: Current and former legislators: U.S. Congressman Bill Huizenga; State Sens. Aric Nesbitt and Roger Victory; State Rep. Brad Slagh and Mary Whiteford; Ottawa County Treasurer and former Park Township supervisor and State Rep. Amanda Price; former Holland Mayors Kurt Dykstra and Al McGeehan; Holland Mayor Pro-temp Scott Corbin; Holland City Council Member Quincy Byrd; former ambassador and U.S. Congressman Pete Hoekstra; former State Rep. Jessie Dalman.

Conclusion: This impressive group of endorsers clearly recognize that, as a representative of the new District 86, Nancy DeBoer would be able to utilize her knowledge, political experience and skills at the state level to promote legislation for the good for all residents in the greater Holland area.

Fred Floberg