The Issues

Committed to building a better future for Greater Holland.

I believe in the shared values that have made West Michigan successful: hard work, integrity, and innovation.  We work together to problem-solve and invent solutions.  We realize we are not just here for ourselves.  We care about everyone in our community. Our success is a responsibility to make a difference in others’ lives here and around the world.  It is important that the government works to support and enhance these principles.

I have a proven track record of accomplishment in Holland and Lasing by working with many people, finding points of agreement, and emphasizing the shared vision of maximizing livability for the city and surrounding townships. By representing District 86, I have been honored to utilize those same skills at the state level, promoting legislation that grows the good for all residents in the greater Holland area.

I am grounded in conservative values because I believe they provide a firm foundation for all people to unite and create safe neighborhoods, the best schools, and equal opportunities for everyone to pursue their dreams.

Caring, Conservative, Connected

Conservative Principles of Government

Nancy has proven that she carefully weighs decisions in light of what is best for the community long term. Even the ancient Iroquois philosophy stated that decisions made today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

Within a framework of solid conservative values, we can still be magnificently creative. That is always Nancy’s goal. When we come together with hard work, integrity, and innovation, we can inspire a fresh future.

Nancy is the Assistant Director for both She Leads Michigan and She Leads America organizations which connect women throughout Michigan and the United States. SLM and SLA provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with women from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds. Their goal is to bring faith-based solutions to modern-day problems.

Nancy is committed to honoring others and their voice in the discussion. Whether people initially agree or not, truth will rise out of the discussion. It is with a listening ear and a strong moral compass that good navigation takes place.


In the 2024-25 State Budget, the K-12 Education Funding unfortunately cut the per pupil funding for mental health and school safety by 92%. Nancy opposed these cuts as well as the $0 per pupil increase to school funding.

West Michigan has been recognized as a great place to raise a family and receive an excellent education. Strong families support strong school systems. As an educator, and from a family of educators, Nancy has first-hand experience in our education system. She understands how important parental involvement is for student success. She believes that every child has gifts that should be encouraged. Special education needs equitable funding from our state and federal governments. She also believes that early interventions in education are critical to helping students and their families to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children.

Protecting Life

Nancy believes that all life should be protected, from the womb to the tomb. She believes each person is created by God. Therefore, each person is intrinsically valuable and must be treated with dignity and respect.

Whatever a woman’s season of life, decisions are complicated. Nancy believes in supporting all women in their choices, whatever they have been. She believes every life, at every stage is precious.

2nd Amendment Support

Nancy supports the 2nd Amendment which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. She understands the importance of standing up for these rights so citizens can lawfully protect themselves and their property. In fact, she voted in 2014 to allow indoor firearm and archery ranges as a special use in commercial and industrial zones in Holland.

Government Fiscal Responsibility

While in Lansing, Nancy voted NO on the 2023-24 budget because it spent most of the State’s $9 Billion budget surplus in one year. Nancy has opposed spending state money for subsidies to countries of concern.

While serving on the City Council and as Mayor of Holland, she proved to be a wise steward of financial resources through budget cuts, repurposing of property, creative fundraising, consolidation of city building and project management, green technologies that reduced energy costs for city buildings, more efficient snowmelt system, and smart LED lighting while also helping residents with education programs for home savings.

The new natural gas power plant reduced energy costs by 10% in the first three years. In addition, the city sold the extra power it produced to help pay the debt of the new power plant in record time.

Nancy has the ability to think outside the box in order to reduce costs and remain within a budget.

Public Safety
Nancy stands in support of all things Public Safety, including Police and Fire Services. An unsafe community is not healthy for anyone. She believes excellent equipment, vehicles, technology, and protective clothing are all part of effective Public Safety. Honorable compensation and benefits for those who wake up each morning not knowing if they will have to protect a life, take a life, or give their life are important.

Carefully vetting the character of new hires and holistic training for every hire is critical to our officers who are under such extreme pressure in the public eye. They should also be offered support services to handle the emotional toll that they carry because of their work. All of the above require generous funding with reasonable accountability.

While serving on City Council and as Mayor, she fought for the retention of Community Policing, even during the lean years of difficult budget cuts. These positive relationships between officers and residents are priceless, and made our community stronger. Communication is critical for a community to be safe and informed.

Protect Our Lakes
Nancy understands that as Michiganders, we have been entrusted with 20% of the world’s freshwater. Therefore, we must be good stewards of the water’s drinkability, beauty, accessibility, and recreation/transportation/tourism opportunities.

We must support programs that curtail invasive species and provide other protections of our Great Lakes, such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. We need to fund education that helps us face our collective responsibility to protect our greatest natural resource for generations to come.


Creativity starts here. Holland has long been an incubator for fresh ideas and inventive prowess. When creativity meets hard work, great things happen! The stability of business, even generational business, in the Holland area is a testament to our integrity. Business in the Holland area is intended to make life better for employees and their families while also supporting the greater good. It is a rare combination that has drawn respect from sources like Wallet Hub, repeatedly designating Holland as the best place to start a business.

It is important for us to keep growing the hard-working culture in our area, never taking success for granted, and continually inspiring the next generation to have a seat at the table with their valuable ideas and dedication to a better world. Work with the MEDC and local small business incubators to increase opportunities for new businesses from ideation to production in a global society.


While Mayor, Nancy voted to add over 2,000 housing units at all levels of affordability. She has continued to support increased housing and its afforability at the state level. The Holland area is one of the fastest-growing in the state. Job opportunities abound. Therefore, more housing at various price points is needed. Most municipalities and townships have seen that need and have stepped up. Thousands of housing units of all types have been approved by their governing boards. Nancy believes the regulation of vacation homes should be a decision for local governmental units closest to the issue.

Election 2024

I am honored to represent the Greater Holland area for District 86, covering Laketown Township, Holland Charter Township, Park Township, and the City of Holland. I believe that any time one serves at a level of government, it is important to stay in one’s lane, at one’s entrusted level. Commenting about issues I am not personally privy to seems premature and presumptuous of me.

I believe Elections should be on a continuous improvement track. This seems reasonable because elections are critical to our system of government. I strongly believe we should have to identify ourselves with legal proof of identity to vote. Ballot Harvesting should be illegal, and sending unsolicited absentee ballots should also be illegal. I also believe that local clerks should be able to take deceased voters off the rolls in their locality.